How To Create A Pop-up Advertising Campaign

To create a Pop-up Campaign, click on the New Campaign tab at your screen’s top right corner.

On the new page you’re directed to, look for the Get Pop Traffic tab and click on it.

You’ll be taken to a page where you’ll be required to enter your campaign settings. Here you can give your traffic campaign a name or use the one provided.

Next, you have to enter a Destination URL, which is the domain you will advertise. For example, Please make sure that you enter your URL correctly.

You also have an option to add a Google Analytics tracking code. Adding a code will enable you to track the website traffic you receive from your pop-up ad in your analytics.

You can use available macros to display data in your analytics.

Then enable tracking types, you can select one of the following options Pixel, Image, or Postback request. Follow the instructions written under each selection choice.

Enter the Cost Per Visit. Note the minimum CPC is $ 0.001$. The suggested CPC would be $.005$ – $0.008.

Enter your campaign Budget. Please note that the minimum daily budget is $ 5. You can choose between unlimited budget or daily spend.

Click on Schedule to determine how your campaign runs. You could choose to run your campaign continuously or set a start and end date.

Tick the Geo Targeting checkbox if you want to target specific countries and DMA regions. This is only available for US traffic.

You can leave the Zones at default settings.

Enable Source Sampling to allow you to test as many traffic sources as possible.

Select Visits Per User if you want to determine the number of times your ad appears to the same visitor.

Also tick on the Technology Targeting checkbox if you want to target individuals using a specific browser or device.

Once you fill in all the details above, you can click on the Create a Campaign button or click Advanced Settings.

In the advanced settings:

  • Enable Carrier Targeting if you want to target or exclude specific network providers. To select a carrier, type the company’s name, let’s say Vodafone, in the search box and then choose the one you would like to either include or exclude.
  • If you want to run your campaign on certain days or hours do so by clicking on the Timetable button.
  • Select Optimization Rules in order to set rules for filtering out sources that do not meet your traffic requirements.
  • You can enable Filters to receive higher quality traffic.
  • You can also enable Sources and Domains Whitelist / Blacklist. This is in order to target specific sources or domains or blacklist the ones that you don’t want to receive traffic from. You can either find them from your analytics with the help of macros or by using optimization rules.
  • Select the IP whitelist/blacklist checkbox if you want to add specific IPs to the IP whitelist/blacklist.

You can now click Create a Campaign.

You will be redirected to your dashboard.

You can pause, duplicate, delete your campaign or check its performance by clicking the Information button. You can also check here the amount of traffic blocked by settings in place and adjust those accordingly to increase traffic volume.

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